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Get Ahead with ASIS APP Certification in Mexico

If you’re a security professional aiming to advance your career, the ASIS Associate Protection Professional (APP) certification in Mexico is an opportunity worth considering.

In this article, you’ll find essential information about the ASIS APP certification. So let’s get straight to the point!

Why Choose APP Certification?

The ASIS APP certification is designed as a first step for security managers. Ideal for those with 1-4 years of security management experience, this certification covers four key domains:

  • Security Fundamentals: Understanding the basics of effective security.
  • Business Operations: Integrating security into daily business activities.
  • Risk Management: Skills to identify and mitigate security risks.
  • Response Management: Preparedness for emergency and crisis situations.

What’s in the APP Exam?

The APP exam includes 100 scored multiple-choice questions and may have up to 25 additional unscored questions. The total time allotted is 2 hours.

Fees and Requirements

Certification costs vary depending on ASIS membership and location:

  1. ASIS members in Mexico: $280
  2. Non-members in Mexico: $585

Eligibility requirements depend on experience and education.

Preparing for the APP Exam

ASIS offers several resources to help you prepare:

  • Reference Materials: Recommended publications on key topics.
  • Review Courses: In-depth courses on each exam domain.
  • Flash Cards: Aids to review key terms and concepts.
  • Study Groups: Collaborative learning through ASIS chapters.


The ASIS APP certification in Mexico opens doors to new opportunities in the security field. Security agents with this certification have demonstrated proficiency in essential domains, making them valuable assets in the professional protection landscape.

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