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Private Investigator in Mexico

GrayCat PI Services is a full service private investigation company operating in several cities within Mexico with a certified and experienced team to solve your problems. GraycatPI Services can help you with any form of private investigation you need, including a fraud investigation within Mexico, a background check for someone residing in Mexico, or any other type of private investigation service.

GrayCat PI Services has been providing private investigation services in Mexico for over three years, so they have both the knowledge and the resources necessary to obtain the information you are looking for. We invite you to take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION service to discuss your situation with one of our experienced Private Investigators. We will be able to help you formulate a strategy for moving forward and will review with you what you can anticipate happening in the future.

We have private investigators in Mexico who are ready to carry out any investigative assignment you need, no matter where you are in the world. Currently, we have private investigators working in a variety of Mexican cities, including Mexico City, Puebla, Jalisco, Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca.

What is GrayCat PI Services?

We are a private investigation firm working in Mexico, specifically in Oaxaca and surrounding areas. We investigate cases involving illegal activities such as money laundering, tax evasion, bribery, corruption, fraud, insurance fraud, theft, embezzlement, and forgery, among other illegal activities.

Our clients benefit from the outstanding services provided by our highly trained private investigators, as they receive from us unique and efficient methods. These methods have been perfected over the years as a result of the experience we have gained from every case we have handled.

Since we opened our doors, one of our main objectives has been to offer well-planned, well-thought-out solutions specifically built to meet our client’s requirements. Most of our work is done in the background, and this serves to contribute to the overall success of our clients.

What services do we offer at GrayCat PI?

At GrayCat PI, we are pleased with the wide range of services we offer our clients. In contrast to incompetent or amateur private investigators, who often provide only the most basic services, such as daytime surveillance and uncomplicated cases.

Our staff is trained and ready to do investigations at all hours of the day, as we operate 24/7 365 days a year. We are happy to differentiate ourselves from the competition by being uniquely competent to perform all investigative services, as we are licensed, certified, and insured private investigators. Our range of services includes the following:

Asset Investigation

When doing Asset Investigations in Mexico, the experienced private investigators on our team can gather information regarding the following areas:

  • Names, aliases, and verification of family members are submitted for validation.
  • Conduct investigations to identify possible business ties, corporate positions, and partnership opportunities.
  • Legal processes include such things as bankruptcies, defaults, evictions, foreclosures, judgments, and a host of similar events.
  • Financial investments in real estate
  • This category includes bank accounts, offshore accounts, and investments in other countries.
  • Investment accounts
  • Research in the IFE database

Surveillance Based Investigation

Our experienced Private Investigators providing Discreet Services are capable of performing Surveillance in Mexico to gather the following information:

  • Infidelity.
  • Verification of information provided by informants and witnesses.
  • Fraud.
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Statements.
  • Detailed follow-up of suspicious activities.

Location Investigation

Our experienced Private Investigators have access to technical information in Mexico that is only available to them. When conducting location investigations in Mexico, the private investigators we employ can gather information regarding the following:

  • Position of Subject at the Time.
  • Aliases.
  • Investigation in the IFE database
  • Cell Phone Information and Location
  • Both current and previous addresses are required.
  • Background and Work History.
  • Death Certificate.
  • Current marital status.

Background Investigation

When it comes to doing Background Checks in Mexico, the professional private investigators we work with can gather information related to:

  • History of criminal activity.
  • Regarding finances, this includes bank accounts.
  • IFE database report.
  • Search for a photograph of the subject in the IFE database.
  • Records of civil acts
  • Abuse of various substances
  • Mental health problems
  • Verify the veracity of the information provided by the subject.

An Investigation Into Dating Scams Online

Our seasoned private investigators that conduct investigations into online dating scams in Mexico can gather information about the following areas:

  • Confirm that the individual is who they say they are.
  • Research on the assets.
  • Confirm the Work and Job History.
  • Check or make sure that the nation in which they live is correct.
  • Records of Criminal Activity
  • Verification of your current address.
  • Check the accuracy of the information using the IFE database.

Forensic investigation on mobile devices

All phones must be mailed to the lab. Our highly qualified forensic team can obtain information regarding:

  • Lost Data Recovery
  • Text messages that have been deleted.
  • Messages that have been deleted.
  • Photographs that have been deleted.
  • Hidden Files.
  • Breaches of Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Infidelity is supported by evidence.

Why choose GrayCat PI services over others?

Finding the right private investigator is similar to finding the perfect insurance policy: some are expensive for the services they provide, while others while appearing tantalizingly affordable, fail dramatically when it matters most. When you work with GrayCatPI Services, you can rest assured that you will get the highest level of professionalism and results at an affordable price. Our devotion to the success of your case is shown by the testimonials and excellent ratings we have received.

It is essential to have the right investigator to make the investigation as efficient as possible and provide a quick solution to your problem. When conducting a surveillance service, have everything from the right vehicle to the proper attire. Your case will have the best possible chance of success thanks to our ability to deploy native Mexican agents working as private investigators for GrayCatPI Services. This will also ensure that there is a minimum level of danger or suspicion involved.

Hire a Private Investigator in Mexico for your Investigations.

Please feel free to contact GrayCat PI Services so we can evaluate your private investigation case. Our team of investigators has personnel stationed in a variety of locations within Mexico ready and prepared to address your case.

We know the steps necessary to obtain the information you desire, and we possess both the experience and resources necessary to complete the task you entrust to us. You can contact us immediately by calling us at +52 (951) 565-4804 or by submitting a free consultation request through our website.

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