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Asset Tracing Investigation in Mexico

With Asset Tracing being vital in financial crime investigations, GrayCat PI will “follow the money” to trace down assets that are lost or are being used in illicit manners. Our Private Investigators will conduct Financial Investigations to uncover cases of corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, and more financial crimes.

GrayCat PI is a registered business in Mexico and the U.S. We are also licensed to conduct business in Mexico.

  • Verified Professionals
  • Major Mexican Cities

What is Asset Tracing?

A private investigator points to a map and various photos pinned on a corkboard with red strings connecting different pieces of evidence, illustrating the investigative process and case analysis.

To put it simply, Our investigators “follow the money.” GrayCat PI traces assets by conducting financial investigations. We notice any inconsistencies on financial records that may come from any criminal activity – including corruption, terrorist financing, money laundering, and more.

In a normal asset tracing investigation, GrayCat PI locates the assets, links them to an unlawful activity to obtain freezing and confiscation orders, and provides evidence to law enforcement and to the court of law.

"Why should I hire an Asset Tracer?"

Professional reviewing financial documents, highlighting key information during an asset tracing investigation, focusing on uncovering inconsistencies and evidence of financial crimes.

The Value of Asset Tracers

GrayCat PI does not just have the experience of carrying out crucial investigative work, but also the legal knowledge of making sure all evidence is effective. Asset tracers don’t just look at financial records. They can also carry out skip-tracing operations to track down witnesses for testimony and locate targets. Without a knowledgeable and experienced asset tracer, you can…

  1. Render any information you find to be unusable in court
  2. Drive criminals/debtors farther away and cause them to be cautious of any further investigation
  3. Commit common mistakes that will cause longer investigations
  4. Land yourself in significant legal scrutiny for unknowingly disobeying the law.

GrayCat PI has the tools and databases to track down assets and fugitives for you. We can find information that is not just on the public record, but also carry out “boots on the ground” investigations and interviews of possible witnesses and associates.

Asset Tracing Investigation Process and Fees

Close-up of a hand pointing at a map and newspaper clippings on a bulletin board, indicating detailed investigative work in asset tracing and financial crime investigations.

Asset Tracing Process

Asset Tracing Investigation Cases come in many forms – but this is how GrayCat PI typically handles these investigations. 

Our investigations help provide valuable evidence to you and your legal support. By providing evidence, we can identify new witnesses for trial and testimony. Once we’ve obtained evidence, we generate new leads for the investigation, potentially leading to additional targets and/or charges. After we’ve completed our investigation, we identify the assets subject to forfeiture in connection with the crime. It is important to note that GrayCat PI does not deal with Asset Recovery. 

GrayCat PI strongly encourages prospective clients to start a financial crime investigation before a criminal case has been initiated. These investigations take a considerable amount of time, and if a criminal case is well underway, it can severely affect the effectiveness of any evidence found. In other words, it can be too late.

Two professionals shaking hands over a desk with legal documents and a laptop, symbolizing successful collaboration and agreement in asset tracing investigations.

Investigation Fees

Asset Tracing Costs can vary and it is best to call GrayCat PI for further information. We take into account many factors including…

  • The accessibility of financial and public records
  • The tools needed to conduct an investigation
  • The number of experts required to conduct a thorough investigation
  • Expertise
  • Bundling of other GrayCat PI Services
  • Other Factors

Contact Mexico's Premier Private Investigators

When tracing down assets, time is of essence. Let us act on your behalf to sort out any inconsistencies. Our independent investigators and legal professionals are registered in Mexico to offer professional commercial services in Investigation, Protection, and Law. We operate in Major Mexican cities such as Cancun, Mexico City, and more. If your organization suspects of any wrongdoing, don’t hesitate to contact us today through email. We are also available on WhatsApp at +52 951 565 4804.